IMG_2142Second Chance Thrift Shop, Manager

Cai Lepre is presently the Manager of Second Chance Thrift Shop. She has lived in Mammoth Lakes for thirty years and raised her family here. Her son Jesse was born in Mammoth Hospital and now resides in Los Angeles. Although her daughter Kalyn travels extensively, she was bit by the Mammoth Bug and always seems to find her way back. Cai loves hiking, dancing, fishing, skiing, tubbing and being a tub fairy (draining and scrubbing the algae off of the tubs). Watching the sunrise, “Sierra Wave” sunsets and the moon, when it’s full, fills her heart. This is her home. Volunteering is a big part of her life in Mammoth Lakes. The schools, festivals, organizations and committees all need volunteers. She likes to give back, it’s what makes her a part of this community. Professionally, there isn’t a part of town she hasn’t touched. She has worked in tourism, interior design, day care, retail, sales and marketing, real estate, billing at the hospital, reservations, the welcome center, car rentals, catering, clothing rep and now at Second Chance. Here, at Second Chance, she feels like she’s come home from some long, weary travels. Everyday she receives joy from the beautiful Sierra and surroundings. She looks forward to bringing both her personal and professional experience to Second Chance. Come on in and visit!